RTW Post #6: Free Medical Advice

8/18/13: Bedford, MA, USA  

Katie and I spent a looong time debating whether or not to go on a round the world trip, and perhaps we would’ve taken even longer if not for an unexpected deadline: immunizations.

Depending on which countries you’re traveling to, there are immunizations you should get and must get. Our research showed that based on our route we’d need Hepatitis A & B, Yellow Fever, and potentially a few others. One of these immunizations, Hepatitis B, needs to be administered over the course of 6 months. Excuse me? Did you say 6 months? Yes. Yes I did.

When we learned this news we ran to the calendar. It was fall of 2012. We had a potential RTW schedule in mind but hadn’t solidified anything yet – including even going on the trip! Now, with this looming cutoff in mind, we had no choice but to lock down our plans. There was no time to dilly-dally!


RTW Post #3: Get Out The Map

7/17/13 - Prosser, WA, USA

People have been wondering where we’ll be going on our round-the-world adventure (more commonly known as RTW on the interwebs). It hasn’t been easy to decide. Infinite possibilities are difficult to rein in. It’s impossible to go everywhere, and if we tried to travel every place that tickled our fancy we’d go broke and insane. As it happens, my sanity is very dear to me and I’m not anxious to sleep under a bridge (though a friend of ours has given us pointers).

Many people who choose to do a trip this size struggle with setting a course. Where to go? Where to stay? When to go? What to do? What to see? For how long? Questions can quickly overwhelm you. The easiest way to gain perspective on such big decisions is to hit the internet running. BootsnAll has been a life saver, and incredible travel blogs such as Legal Nomads have been inspirational. Once I started researching and opinion polling it wasn’t long before I heard about “The Pillars.”

RTW Post #1: Saying Goodbye To The Couch

 6/30/13: Burbank, CA, USA

I’m sitting in our Burbank apartment, lying on our black vinyl couch for the last time. It was bequeathed to me 11 years ago by my father, after he asked if we needed any furniture for our move to California. Emphatically, yes. We didn’t have much money at the time and no jobs on the horizon. All we had were our NYU diplomas and a bit of moxie. We’d seen job listings aplenty in LA and were prepared to work for nothing to take a shot at our dreams, which, at the time, were big hazy bubbles with cinematic sparkles at the centers. Neither of us knew exactly what we wanted to do, we just knew we wanted to work in the movies.