Who Is Alice?

I'm Alice! That's me on the right. And that mop-topped beauty on the left is my partner, Katie. We've been scurrying our way through the Hollywood maze for the last eleven years and, after floundering on sets of low (no) budget films, both Katie and I were lucky enough to land jobs that actually, you know, paid money.

Since then I've been working as an audio engineer and technical supervisor at Chace Audio by Deluxe while Katie's been supervising iTunes encoding at Modern VideoFilm. The years have gone by fast, and though we feel happy in our lives, somehow a little voice keeps nagging us, asking "What now?"

Ever since our trip to New Zealand in 2011 we've been plagued by a wanderlust. Now, after 13 years together, it’s come down to a choice: hammer down some stakes or roll up our tent. We’ve chosen to roll up our tent and hit the road. We’ll be backpacking around the world for a year (maybe longer?). We may be coming back (maybe not?). We won’t have those answers until we've burned up our energy or burned through our cash. Either way, we’re ready to light the match.

We hope you jump down the rabbit hole with us and follow along on our journey. We have no jobs, no end date, and no idea what in the hell we're doing, so it's bound to be...um...interesting? (And no, Dad, I'm not bringing mace.)