RTW Post #22: Taking A Shine To Sydney

11/21/13 - 11/26/13: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I arrived in Sydney, Australia nursing a cold. It was my third of our RTW trip and I was getting mighty tired of being under the weather. The good news is my waning illness didn't stop us from seeing the sights. On the contrary, we managed to accomplish 4 action-packed days in Sydney enjoying our own self-guided "A&K Sydney Walking Tours"® (**see below for details)

**All rights reserved. Available for hire. Email for details. Tips appreciated.

***A&K Sydney Walking Tours is not responsible for backtracking, bad sense of direction, misinformation, boredom, or annoying head colds while on tour.

As it turned out, Sydney was well worth the added drain on my immune system. We both fell in love with its art, architecture, history and beauty. We learned about Sydney's prehistoric days and its life as a British colony; we walked through its impressive museums and amazing art collections; we strolled along its beaches and basked in its sunshine. Our time in the metropolis was so filled with activity, in fact, that I find myself hard-pressed to write about it in any kind of coherent way.

With this in mind, Katie and I have put together a virtual tour of Sydney for you with video, photographs, and informative commentary. So sit back, relax, and enjoy Sydney with just a click of your mouse...