RTW Post #30: Parental Guidance Suggested

01/02/14 – 01/21/14: Queenstown to Nelson, South Island, New Zealand

As you know, our trip to New Zealand in 2011 beguiled us to no end. We told anyone who'd listen about the country's welcoming people, adventurous spirit, and extraordinary beauty. You can't turn your head without seeing another sublime vista or mountain begging to be climbed! It truly is a remarkable place. (No, New Zealand isn't paying us to be ambassadors of their country, though they should!)

Our incessant adulation of New Zealand must have made an impact, because Katie's parents, Joe and Mary Lou, decided to take an incredible risk: they decided to spend three solid weeks with us traveling around the South Island together. They willingly placed themselves in our hands, exposing themselves to "Lord of the Rings" mood music and mandatory ice cream stops. We accepted this challenge and were surprised to find tour guides lying dormant in our DNA. Then again, I suppose it's not hard to point out the good stuff when everything around you is spectacular.

When awaiting our parents' arrival in Queenstown, it was with a great deal of excitement and a wee bit of trepidation. We would be spending long hours together in a 4-door sedan, staying at the same lodging, sharing every meal! With so much togetherness you'd think any one of us would've been secretly unlatching the car doors and hoping for a bumpy road. Surprisingly, the road was remarkably smooth. No runaways or secret assassination attempts. A testament to the healing powers of gelato...

All silliness aside, it was a joy to finally share our favorite place with two wonderful people. It was a leg of our trip that we enjoyed immensely and I'm sure won't soon forget. From Queenstown to Nelson, we revisited well-loved places with our parents in tow, and experienced new adventures alongside them. I think it's safe to say that Joe and Mary Lou grew to the love this country almost as much as we do. Almost.

We hope you enjoy this video and photo blog, and join us as we embark on our South Island adventure! *Parental Guidance Suggested