RTW Post #42: We Need A Vacation

4/22/14 4/28/14: Koh Phangan, Thailand

Ah, the island life. It’s a pleasant combination of relaxation and lack of motivation. When we arrived in Koh Phangan, Thailand, I hadn’t yet realized that’s exactly what we needed: a vacation pit-stop after six months of non-stop travel. Oh yes. Pity us poor and weary travelers. Such difficult lives we lead…

RTW Post #41: We'll Never Forget

4/14/14 4/20/14: Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

Did you know elephants roar like lions? Squeak like mice? That you should never stand directly in front of an elephant because that’s their blind spot? That when we say elephants never forget it’s not hyperbole? I never knew these things. I never knew I wanted to know these things. But now I do, thanks to Elephant Nature Park.  

RTW Post #39: Wats Up, Bangkok!

3/31/14 4/11/14: Bangkok

Bangkok is overwhelming. Heat and humidity coat the city like a long wet tongue. It mingles with the smell of fried food, the din of traffic, the sticky sweat clinging to your clothes. History and modernism press together like two long legs squeezing into a tight pair of pants. They fit (just) but that doesn’t make them comfortable.

RTW Post #38: I Sing Of Singapore

3/27/14 3/31/14: Singapore

Singapore delighted us soon as we entered the airport and walked by a dazzling sculpture called “Kinetic Rain.” Hundreds of copper covered raindrops slid up and down invisible strings, floating through the air in magical waves.  We would’ve stood there for an hour if not for the fact that we had very little sleep and were very hungry.

RTW Post #37: A Call To Prayer

3/19/14 3/22/14: Yogyakarta to Jakarta, Indonesia

Our flight from Bali to Yogyakarta (pronounced “jo-ja-cart-a”) was a spiritual one. We knew we’d soon be visiting the largest Hindu site in Indonesia, as well as the largest Buddhist temple in the entire world, but in the midst of contemplating these holy places we weren’t expecting the sudden contemplation on our own fragile mortality. Specifically, Katie’s very real fear of her bladder bursting.